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This is my family. They are the motivation for all I do professionally. Missy and I have been married for 18 years and she’s supported me in every season of my professional growth. She is the author of Yes To Brave, read more here. Our kids say I’m the best dad ever. All I know is I want them to grow up seeing the value of using their strengths to help other people. They’re both very smart, know their strengths, and make me proud every day with how they use them. They are leaders in the making.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast. I love camping, hiking and fishing with my family. I’ve also developed a recent addiction to obstacle course races. They’re a great mix of trail running, monkey bars and muddy water (I guess we all have a kid inside us still). I am a home-brewer and love to re-create beers I’ve tried in craft breweries across the country.


I exist to develop people and ideas. It’s not what I do, it’s who I am.

I love to develop leaders, and teach them to do the same. I feel like that is where my strengths and passions line up and also where I can add the most value for the next generation. I looked back on my life when contemplating a career change a couple of years ago. A common theme in almost everything I did (and loved) involved mentoring others. When I put more energy and focus into that theme, it changed the way I looked at life in every aspect, as a husband, father, mentor and leader. I simply hope this site will inspire you, the next generation leader, to live into your own strengths and enjoy the benefits that come from keeping them central in all you do.

For more info on my leadership journey:

Kevin’s LinkedIn Profile

Read more about my passion for mentoring:

HackDaddy Blog



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